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Have you tried one or more ultrasound training courses and felt you did not learn much?  You are not alone: IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

Holding Transducer

It is well known in the veterinary teaching world that the current veterinary ultrasound training programs developed for large groups and taught at veterinary conventions and/or by ultrasound sales companies ARE NOT EFFECTIVE. Most current ultrasound programs are derived from “one on one” apprenticeship programs which are effective but might last 3-12 months. However, students do not get “one on one” training at group lectures and brief wet labs, and don't get enough "hands on" transducer time.  

Ultrasound instructors for such programs blame the failure rate on the student rather than taking responsibility for the program design and delivery.  Instructors need to develop integrative courses, first addressing basic ultrasound skills and techniques before moving on to diagnostic application. We have done so. You have seen the “WOW! Look what I can do”. We teach YOU “HOW to do ultrasound yourself”.

And by customer request, we have now developed two unique, 2 day lecture/wet labs Abdominal and Cardiac onsite trainings to present in your own facility on your machine. Start with the lab then reinforce what you have learned with the DVDs. Or review the DVDs first to gain the most from the onsite training and continue with the DVDs for refresher or reinforcement!

Also by customer request, we now offer 2 DAY personalized training at our location for individuals with optional 5 day mobile ultrasound ride along.

Customer comments:

  • The onsite training is "...hands down the best CE course of any kind I have ever attended" (Victorville, CA) 
  • "...these are the things they should have been teaching us in vet school" (Kearny, NE)
  • "... I felt I took away very little from 3 other national ultrasound courses I attended. I am pleased with how much I am learning in this course..." (Herkimer, NY)

Craig McInnis

Dr. Craig McInnis graduated from Texas A&M in 1976, developed a special interest in electrocardiography in the early 1980's and has nurtured and expanded upon that interest ever since: first at a specialty practice in Germany and later managing three pet emergency clinics in Texas and New Mexico. Years of emergency medicine offered ample opportunity to test and refine his skills.

After spending a year with Cardiopet as a consultant he joined Larry Tilley and Associates in 1992 and began studying echocardiography segueing into abdominal ultrasonography by request . Dr McInnis has owned and operated Echo Service for Pets since 1996 and is licensed in Colorado, and New Mexico. He now lives and works in New Mexico.

His objective in creating these training videos is to share with you, the practitioner, his years of experience and ultrasound images to help you develop your ultrasound skills more quickly and efficiently than working on your own, thereby shortening your learning curve! 

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Karen McInnis

Karen McInnis married into the veterinary world in 1980 and has acted as practice manager and technical assistant since 1984. She earned a master's degree in education with an emphasis on curriculum design in 1982 from University of Houston and draws on sound educational training models to help shorten your learning curve! She also assists with training when there are six or more attendees.